Monday, February 28, 2011

Laughter On Demand: The Charlie Channel

I realized the other day that I have the ability to make myself laugh, pretty much on demand. I might recall a movie scene, a funny joke, something my wife or one of my kids said, a funny commercial, or something hilarious a friend did or said. What a cool ability! I mean life is wild and we all have some tough situations to deal with. I can always tune in to the Charlie Channel though and pick myself up. What is also cool is no one else has to get it. Laughter is a great medicine and look Mom, no co-pay!

I encourage you to find your own inner channel that you can tune in to on demand. It doesn’t cost you any money and it doesn’t require anyone else to assist you. You have an inner DVR with no space limitations and it doesn’t require electricity to operate. So sit back, relax, hit rewind, and throw your head back and laugh!!


  1. I too have my own inner "bark" - via Beverly Hillschiuaua - and ofter break out into laughter or find things amusing that nobody else gets. Let's keep laughing...otherwise, life would just be a damn tradgedy.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Lisa!! Love, laugh, and live like there is no tomorrow.