Monday, January 11, 2010

Making Memories

What a wonderful time we had with our son Jared over the holidays. He was home for about 3 weeks after he completed his first semester @ Indiana University. He is studying music performance – clarinet – at their Jacob’s School of Music and had a fantastic first semester. WAY better than my first semester at West Point for sure! :) We were pretty young when Jared was born and we always tease him that he was our guinea pig and the other two have benefited from the mistakes we made with him. LOL But I think he turned out all right so no harm no foul right?

Our family is truly blessed. That’s kind of cliché I know but in our case it is true. First we still can’t believe that we have a child of ours attending college but that’s a story for another day. We made lots of memories; you know the simple but impactful things. Sitting around the table at meals together, the laughter, watching all the kids hang together, eating out together, watching movies together. Our family and movies is probably a topic for about 3 other blogs but I will say now that we enjoy ourselves and do so for many years afterwards with the memories. And somehow – I guess through mere association – I have converted Jared into a true blue Cowboy fan. As we watched them play together – ok it was only 1 quarter as I guess there was a pressing on line gaming session he had to get to, but I’ll take it – it brought back memories of my dad and I watching them play oh so many years ago.

His little brother – and all of his little friends - looks up to him and thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. And although they still argue like cats and dogs, he shares a special connection with his little sister that warms my heart. I know when push comes to shove; she knows that he has her back.

I’m thrilled to see how he is maturing and coming into his own. He’s a fine young man and I know he’s going to have a fantastic impact on our world. Can’t wait to make more memories when he comes home for spring break.

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  1. Jared is a growing into a great young man. I know we had our but he is doing great and I'm very proud of him.