Saturday, February 13, 2010


I guess if I am keeping it real, I'm basically at halftime in my life. Wow, the first half was amazing and I am SO excited about what the second half is going to bring. I am so blessed with a wonderful wife (whom I have known for nearly half my life) and children, awesome family, true friends, a sense of humor that doesn't allow me to take myself or life too seriously, and incredible opportunities to succeed. For those of you that really know me, you already know I am big dork. So you won't be surprised that the events of today that I am about to share totally fired me up and I am looking forward to many more days like this in the "second half".

My birthday 2010:

I woke up a bit before everyone else as I often do. Made some coffee and enjoyed the quiet of the morning for just a few moments until Little G came bouncing down the stairs. We talked for a few moments and then started working on some of his plays for flag football. He is new to the game so we used pillows on the floor to represent players as we walked through "holes" and running assignments - he's a running back. We also moved the pillows around to represent changing formations. It was a lot of fun. We put the pillows back on the furniture before mom came down stairs. LOL Then we had some breakfast together. Just him and I. I love that time we spend together.

So then it was off to flag football practice and an hour later Mandi joined us at the field for G's first scrimmage of the season. He did great and we enjoyed watching him play although we almost froze our you know what's off. It was so cold this morning! We linked up with Victoria at home after the game and I walked into the kitchen to a surprise of a happy birthday banner, balloons, a cake, and presents!!! I got some great stuff and we shared some laughs as I tried very hard to open the presents with this new wrapping paper Mandi used that does not require tape. My mother-in-law also sent me a great gift. She is too cool and never forgets anyone's birthday. After that we went to Olive Garden (I have never had a meal there that I didn't like) for a late lunch. That new Pansotti dish with sausage is off the chain and I highly recommend it! While at lunch, Jared - our college boy - called to wish me a happy birthday. I got kinda choked up thinking about that. "I" have a son that lives away from home and is calling "ME" to wish me a happy birthday. Wow!

After lunch - well not right after as we were all stuffed - they lit the one candle (thank you for just one!) and sang happy birthday to me. The cake is amazing. It's marble with like canoli filling and chocolate chips, and other goodies. OMG it is too good. We watched some of the olympics together and I hopped on Wii golf for a bit. Must have been birthday luck because I beat the family course record and although Victoria was cheering me on, I know secretly she's miffed and is planning her revenge as we speak. We previously held the course record together. :)

Went for a great walk with my bride, had a nice relaxing shower, and now I am just chilling and reflecting on the day and oh yeah a bit on the "first half".

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