Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love being a part of a team. A good team can exponentially accomplish so much more than an individual. The interaction, exchange of ideas, and driving towards a common goal are what get me going. I affectionately and often refer to my family as Team Jackson. That is by far the most awesome team I’m on. I’m on several teams at work and both contribute to and learn from them all. My softball team is a hoot, and although I’m one of the oldest dudes on the team I hold my own and represent for we 40 'sumpins'! For any team I think key glue that holds it together is the sincere exchange of appreciation and respect.

I set out this morning with a goal to let at least 20 people know today that I appreciate them. I’ve already blown that out of the water. Webster defines appreciation as an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude. For me it takes me to an entirely new place of energy, motivation, and determination when I know that someone appreciates me. And appreciates me not just for what I have done, can do, or may do for them but rather just for the person I am and what I stand for. So I figure that is the case for most people.

And if you took 2 minutes to read this, I appreciate you!


  1. The picture above makes me think of several people that I appreciate...first my son who rows in crew at William & Mary (he races against WP several times throughout the year) Dad and Mom for being at West Point and being parents to so many in D3 while we were there, for my husband...yes, another D3er (along with our other 3 kids), for Chaplain Camp at the Cadet Chapel, my roommate Lisa Kuessner Jones (whose birthday is today)...etc! What a wonderful challenge to thank them all today! Marilou

  2. Marilou - thanks for your comment! I'm glad it reminded you of all of those awesome people in your life!