Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make a Comeback!

I was listening to a celebrity on the radio this morning talk about going through some major challenges in her life recently and now is making a comeback. She received some counsel from trusted friends, renewed her faith, and reset her priorities. Now she is coming back and looking forward to taking life to the next level.

Her story made me think that each of us has challenges in our lives. I mean we fall down, we make mistakes, and we hurt others and ourselves. But we have two options. One option is to wallow in our despair, hurt, and disappointment. I think that will only lead to a lot more of all three of those. Option two is to reprioritize, forgive ourselves (or maybe forgive someone that hurt us), renew our faith, and drive on. In other words, make a comeback! Make a comeback and ‘do you’!! Here is an undeniable truth: NO ONE can do you, like YOU!

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