Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Installment of Gabe Gabs!

I don't think our family is unique in the fact that a lot of interesting conversations take place at meal time. Clearly we are unique though in that our family is beautifully, racially mixed. Meal talk and our family make-up combined to bring out an hilarious quote from our 9-year son Gabe once again.

We had Mandi's birthday dinner on Saturday at a great Mexican restaurant we found near the house in Clearwater - Poblanos. It has not completely taken the place of our beloved El Jimador in Maryville, TN but they are working on it. Somehow we got into a conversation about skin tone and someone made the observation that often times a person whom is racially mixed can have a darker skin tone than someone who is not racially mixed. So anyway out of no where - I did see the wheels turning before he spoke though - Gabe busted out with "You know that may be true but Africans, now they're ALL THE WAY BLACK". It was just too funny!

One more little nugget came out last night at dinner. Mandi and Victoria were talking about something and apparently Gabe didn't think that Victoria was displaying the proper attitude about it. He told her that her "attitude was unacceptable". (Something we have have told both of them too many times in the past) LMBO, this kid is 9. Where did he come from????


  1. I still remember a moment in high school when a teacher tried to tell one of my New Guinean buddies that he wasn't black, he was African-American. "Well," he replied, "except for not being African and not being American, I guess you're right."

    Unacceptable ... priceless!

  2. LOL! Gotta love that Gabe! "all the way black"... LOL! And I love the comment the New Guinean friend made above. I dated a black guy once who made it a point to correct those who called him African American as his parents and two more generations back were born in American and prior to that, his family is from Jamaica and Argentina.
    I was typing a blog the other day about race vs nationality, but it was becoming longwinded and soapbox-ish, so I abandoned it.
    But then today someone commented on the pic Kevin posted of Atlanta dressed in her "Indian" costume she made at school for Thanksgiving: "Technically, they're not Indians, but Native Americans." Kevin and I were laughing at how the two of us are no less "native American" than "American Indians" since we, our parents, our g'parents, etc were born in America.
    Strongly considering the completion of that blog now. LOL!