Thursday, November 4, 2010


While none of us know how many days we have on this Earth, what we cannot dispute is that they are numbered. I say we make each one count. Reality is that everyone of us has obligations, commitments, duties, and responsibilities that certainly can consume a lot of each day. In the midst of that reality, I'm challenging myself to at least carve out SOME time in EACH day to spend doing the things that I love and that I am passionate about. I'm going to spend some time each day laughing out loud, singing at the top of my lungs, loving on my wife and kids, and spending time with my Maker.

Make your days count because they are numbered. Commit at least some time each day to the things that you love and that you are passionate about. Who's with me??


  1. making today count! hitting city park with H-Grrl and the jogging stroller and just taking in the fall weather. cheers!

  2. I'm definitely with ya, man! I hate to hear peeps complaint that, "I had no time to do anything for myself today."
    I know life keep us busy with its "stuff", but of the 1,440 minutes God affords us each day, at least 15 or 30 mins (at the very least) can be "ours". I may not be able to tackle my entire Bucket List in that time frame, but I can certainly do SOMETHING pleasurable!
    Thank you for reminding us to seize the day... or the hour, or the minute..., my friend.

  3. *complain... not "complaint" :rolls eyes at self: