Saturday, November 27, 2010

Point Your Remote at Life and Click Away!

Saw a post from a new Facebook friend today and was inspired to write about it. She wrote that she wished life were a remote. That way she could play the easy times, pause the good times, fast forward through the difficult times, and rewind the memories. There is a lot of wisdom in that statement and words to live by if you let them be.

Challenge yourself to use ‘your remote’ on your life. On those rare occasions when life is giving it to you easy, just let it play. Relax and enjoy it while it lasts. Hit pause when things are going really well and take the time to take in the moment and thoroughly enjoy it. Because when you take a tally, those good times often seem few and far between. If life is kicking you in the teeth a bit, hit your fast forward button. Put your head down, gut your way through it, and get through it as fast as you can. You know times that will allow you to hit pause and play are right around the corner. But don’t forget to at least take a few things from those difficult times and learn from them. Maybe you won’t have to hit fast forward quite as often – for that situation anyway – in the future. Lastly, hold your memories and rewind them as much as you like. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the past – either awesome memories or not so awesome memories – but do allow yourself to relive those precious moments and maybe those moments when you didn’t make the best decision. Our past truly shapes our future so rewind when you have to and enjoy.

Embrace your life’s remote and make sure you always have fresh batteries in that bad boy!

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