Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dude, Give Me Two Minutes!

I used to get annoyed when I needed to talk to someone and they would say, “Dude, give me two minutes”. But now I realize the value in two minutes of focused time and how much I can get done. In two minutes or less I can: write a quick thank you note, finish off an email, make an appointment to get my oil changed (dang I need to do that), schedule a meeting, hug my wife and kids, download a cool song on iTunes, scan channels and decide what I want to watch on TV (it just seems longer to Mandi), get in 100 reps on that dreaded ab machine that kicks my butt every time, or read the highlights of a good story in the newspaper. My daughter really has this down because apparently she can study for a semester exam in two minutes or less!!

So the next time someone asks you to give them two minutes, don’t get annoyed – get productive.

Wait someone’s at my door. I just asked them to give me two minutes. (I need to post this blog!)

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