Thursday, December 16, 2010

In It to Win It!

When I woke this morning, the phrase “in it, to win it” popped into my head. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe my brain was telling my body the reason it was up so early again? LOL I’m definitely in it to win it. So I started thinking about what my “its” were.

My Its:

The love, respect, and admiration of my awesome wife.

The love, respect, and admiration of my incredible children.

The hearts and respect of my friends and family.

The respect of my professional peers and co-workers.

The victory in those little things that can add up to be big, like: deciding to praise instead of berate, offering a smile and a word of encouragement instead of a frown and a dig, choosing to meet someone else’s need instead of chasing selfish gain, and finishing that project I started – no matter how big or small – before moving on to the next one.

I never want to take any of those for granted. So each day I do the little things to put myself in a position to win them over and over again. I’m it to win it!!


  1. Hope reminds me every morning that I can choose to be "in it" or I can just poke along in a somnambulant stupor. The first thing I see every morning is her smiling, shrieking face.

    It's all about choices, yeah?

  2. It is my friend, it is!! Thanks for your comment!