Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My thoughts lately seem to have a lot to do with needing help and relying on other people (LOL). Not quite sure what is up with that! Well on second thought if you ask the folks that are close to me, they’d probably tell you I need a lot of help. Anyway, here we go again! I’ve always known that sprinting records (like the 100m dash) are only counted if they are not wind-assisted times. But I found out recently that there is actually a metric. A maximum tail wind of 2 m/s is allowed for a 100-meter race to be considered eligible for a record. So I guess a wind of 2.1 m/s or higher and it’s no record today! That doesn’t seem like very much wind to me but I guess there has to be a cut-off somewhere.

Thank goodness that in life there are no ‘tail wind maximums’. In fact as I run the race of life, I’m looking for as much tail wind as I can get. For me my tail winds are those things that I value, those things that motivate me, those things that I am passionate about, those things that I love, and my Maker above who provides plenty of tail wind when I need it. My tail winds are family, friends, music, laughing, seeing the fruits of my labor, giving something my all no matter who gets the credit and even if no one is watching or keeping score, having a positive impact on someone’s day, and making someone smile whether they want to or not. A tail wind for me can be something as simple as an encouraging word, a pat on the back, a word or gesture of appreciation. It can also be something as large as someone standing in the gap - see Monday’s post :) - for me and helping me through a major endeavor.

Those are my tail winds and they assist me in my race, help me win (or at least do my best), and get me ready to lace ‘um up for the next event. I would encourage you to identify your tail winds and get that 'wind assist' whenever you can!


  1. Giddyup, Baby!!! Let's go!! Great post to start my morning...

  2. Thanks for the comment Tony!! Have a great day and catch a bunch of tail wind my friend!