Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bringing the Funny!!!

Ralph Harris is an amazingly funny comedian. Many of us were introduced to him in 2007 when he was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Mandi, the kids and I watched every week as he competed and were left in tears from laughing. His comedy is real and that is what makes it so extra funny for me. His takes on relationships, parenting, and how we interact with each other are spot on and laugh out loud funny.

In 2009 – the last time he performed in the Tampa Bay area – I just missed the performance and was sick about it. We learned a few weeks ago that he had booked another show in Tampa. It was pretty close to our wedding anniversary so Mandi and I decided that we would use the show as a backdrop to us celebrating 23 years of marriage. The show was last night at the Seminole Hard Rock Café in Tampa. Seeing him live was a treat beyond what I anticipated. As I write this almost 12 hours later, my sides are still aching from laughing so hard and so continuously. His delivery, style, and interaction with the audience are top notch. I applaud his humility and that combined with the incredible God-given ability to make us laugh at life and ourselves will surely continue his success. Thanks for making our anniversary that much more special and please keep bringing the funny!

You can bump into Ralph online: On Twitter his username is @ralphharris He has a great fan page on Facebook: Ralph Harris Fans and actually interacts with fans on there! I know, crazy right?! Also check his website frequently: http://www.ralphharris.com/ for his calendar and a show near you. Go see him live, you won’t be disappointed!


  1. I have to agree with everything you said! Ralph is a very gifted comedian and such a nice guy too! You can't beat that combo! Can't wait to see him again..:)

  2. You are so right Honey! Perfect combination! Thanks for your comment Babe!