Saturday, January 8, 2011

She Took a Chance

23 years or 276 months or 8,395 days ago, it was the day before she took a chance on me. A chance that I would make her happy, a chance that I would always be there, and a chance that I would be the husband, father, and friend she always dreamed of.

The forecast called for heavy snowfall in the Hudson Valley region and some time that day it started coming down big time. Wedding headquarters was in Newburgh but the wedding was being held at the Cadet Chapel ‘over the mountain’ at West Point. Some awesome friends provided the several 4-wheel drive SUVs that were necessary to transport the wedding party to rehearsal. How cool is that? The snow came to an end some time that night and the roads were cleared and drivable by morning. The clouds cleared and left a brilliant sunny day. I don’t remember there being a cloud in the sky.

So tomorrow we celebrate 23 years of marriage. I could not have hoped for 8,395 better days. I can only imagine how great the next 25,000 + days are going to be!

Charlie Wilson sums it best for me in his song You Are. “You are, the reason I love, the reason I trust, God sent me an angel. You are the best in the world, a wonderful girl.”